Terms of Service

By using our website and services, you agree to the following terms

By using our website and our services, including downloading, purchasing or using any information or items provided on our website, you agree to our terms of services. These Terms of Service are subject to change at any time, without prior notice.

I. Services

Elinote offers original, unique and high quality music and audio tracks for any suitable project including free downloads and premium audio tracks that you can purchase and use for your projects.

II. Copyright

By all means, creator/ author/ inventor holds all rights, privileges, benefits and attribution. This means that you cannot download or purchase copyrighted material from our website and claim it as your own work nor you can sell or resell our work to third parties but this certainly doesn’t mean that you cannot use it for your projects – after all this is the purpose of our work.

Although we don’t request from you, if you are our customers or visitors who downloaded or purchased our audio track/tracks, that you mention us in your project or link to our website, you are welcome to do so if you like. We will be very happy if you let us know for which project are you using our music (video, web or something else).

It is important to read the licence before downloading and/or purchasing audio tracks or any other material or information in order to understand DOs and DON’Ts or in other words, what is allowed and what is not allowed by copyright law and/or licence.

Our primary goal is to create music for your projects (personal or commercial).
If there is some special licence for usage or our material/ audio tracks/ music it will be clearly visible on the page during the download or purchasing process.
We do not have any hidden attentions neither we attend to hide any fees, legal notices or obligations for our visitors, users or individual who wants to download and/or purchase our audio tracks.

Since we are also exclusive authors and we are selling our music on other websites (e.g. audiojungle.com) please make sure to read the licence on their website if you are purchasing the item/items via their market e.g. they might have different price/licence according to the way that you are using the item that you want to purchase etc..

III. Disclaimer

Though we don’t see how anyone could have any issues in using the music tracks for their projects, for the legal purpose, we are obliged to write disclaimer in order to dissociate and protect ourselves from any misunderstandings related to using our services.

By using our services we don’t guarantee any success neither we are responsible for any misunderstanding of information provided on our website or newsletter as well as we don’t provide any warranty or cover any insurance in your business or projects. You are using our services on your own demand and will.